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Chapter 6

Eternal Verity for Chapter 6

I am living in Gratitude!

Sacred Direction

North Winter - Humility, surrender, endurance, stillness, quiet, darkness of night, thankfulness for knowledge. North brings the cold harsh winds. These are cleansing causing the leaves to fall. Death, purification and the transformation of life. Represents the trials people must endure and the cleansing they must undergo. The energy of wisdom and their blessings and the generosity to share them.


A Prayer for Abundance

I recognize the profound Power of God

expressing in and through all things.

It is the very Life essence of the world in which I live.

This Divine Intelligence is the Light that shines,

making all paths clear for those who choose to see.

Paths of Peace prevail, ways of Wisdom

are made known and a life of Love is lived.

Filled with this assurance,

I feel the Spirit right here, right now!

My thoughts and actions are within God,

so I am Spirit expressing.

Infinite Intelligence provides all clear direction

and what it needs to bring it into form.

God accomplishes through me.

My success is God's.

Knowing Life is seeking to express

in ever increasing ways,

I joyously open up to the greater flow of good.

Knowing nothing is withheld, I give up petty thoughts

of scrimping and struggling and embrace the concept

that the Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.

Realizing "God shall supply all our needs",

I courageously step forth into my dream.

In partnership with God,

I take responsibility for my direction.

I open my heart to the divine nudging.

This day I live in happiness with the awareness

of who I am, where I am going

and assured of my source.

I am filled with gratitude these words

are now heard and do not return void.

Appreciating the former things

I have denied, have passed away,

I am a new creation.

I am thankful for Divine right action

seeing these thoughts through.

I surrender my need to make anything happen

to one of perfect timing of the Law.

I let go of my small perspective of “How”

and embrace the perfect plan of “What Is”

which of course, is God.

And so it is.

Rev. Christian



Throat (5th) Chakra at a Glance

Sanskrit name: Visuddha Element: Akasha Color: Blue Shape: Crescent Petals of the lotus: Sixteen Seed sound: Ham Vowel sound: Eee Rights: To speak Endocrine gland: Thyroid and Parathyroid gland Physical association: Throat, ears, mouth, shoulders, and neck Psychological function: Communication Identity: Creative identity Developmental stage: 7 -12 years Challenge: Lies Plane: Human plane, where the dark night of soul ends Planets: Mercury Deity: Sadasiva, Sakini Mythological Animal: Elephant, bull, lion Incense: Frankincense Herb: Chamomile Sephira: Geburah, Chesed

The Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra and it is the first of the higher or spiritual chakras on the "chakra ladder". This chakra is located in the region of neck and shoulders and its color is blue.

The gift of this chakra is accepting your originality, expressing your authentic voice and speaking your truth.

The energy of this chakra allows you to seek knowledge that is true, beyond limitations of time and space, beyond cultural and family conditioning.

The main challenge for the fifth chakra is doubt and negative thinking. When you gain and verify your knowledge through meditation and direct experience, then doubt and negativity are removed.

The "way of the Throat Chakra" is the way of inspired creativity, seeking and sharing of the truth.

It is the way of standing up for what you believe, saying no when you need to, and being open and honest in what you say.

Do you dare to be creative?

Do you dare to open up to a life full of infinite possibilities?

The fifth chakra is linked directly to your personal integrity and a sense of honor.

As a communication center, it not only allows you to express who you are and what you stand for, but also allows you to listen deeply to another.

A person with an open Visuddha chakra is a good listener, she enables another person to have the experience of being heard - one of the most profound human needs.


Zen Story


After winning several archery contests, the young and rather boastful champion challenged a Zen master who was renowned for his skill as an archer. The young man demonstrated remarkable technical proficiency when he hit a distant bull's eye on his first try, and then split that arrow with his second shot. "There," he said to the old man, "see if you can match that!"

Undisturbed, the master did not draw his bow, but rather motioned for the young archer to follow him up the mountain. Curious about the old fellow's intentions, the champion followed him high into the mountain until they reached a deep chasm spanned by a rather flimsy and shaky log. Calmly stepping out onto the middle of the unsteady and certainly perilous bridge, the old master picked a far away tree as a target, drew his bow, and fired a clean, direct hit. "Now it is your turn," he said as he gracefully stepped back onto the safe ground.

Staring with terror into the seemingly bottomless and beckoning abyss, the young man could not force himself to step out onto the log, no less shoot at a target. "You have much skill with your bow," the master said, sensing his challenger's predicament, "but you have little skill with the mind that lets loose the shot."

Just Two Words

There once was a monastery that was very strict. Following a vow of silence, no one was allowed to speak at all. But there was one exception to this rule. Every ten years, the monks were permitted to speak just two words. After spending his first ten years at the monastery, one monk went to the head monk. "It has been ten years," said the head monk. "What are the two words you would like to speak?"

"Bed... hard..." said the monk.

"I see," replied the head monk. Ten years later, the monk returned to the head monk's office. "It has been ten more years," said the head monk. "What are the two words you would like to speak?"

"Food... stinks..." said the monk.

"I see," replied the head monk. Yet another ten years passed and the monk once again met with the head monk who asked, "What are your two words now, after these ten years?"

"I... quit!" said the monk.

"Well, I can see why," replied the head monk. "All you ever do is complain."

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