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Living From the Mountaintop

Be the mystic you were born to be


The topic is Mysticism and it's nothing like you've ever read before. Living From the Mountaintop is an experiential journey that takes you from the myopic vision of your personal battles in life to the mountaintop view of the witness consciousness of your choices. 


Through the use of meditation and other contemplative tools you will be freed from whatever has you bound in life.  This book will support you as you progress through opening the various energetic fields of your physical body uniting you with the Absolute. 


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 Book Reviews

If ever you should feel downcast, weary or just plain sad, read this book! You will awaken to the power and passion of Spirit evolving within YOU! Living from the Mountaintop brings the vitality of the Life Force alive in us moment by moment. It is filled with practical suggestions of how to evoke this mystical reality in your life.  A truly inspiring work from a great lover of life!

~Barbara Marx Hubbard, Foundation for Conscious Evolution, President


It is widely held that a mystic is someone no one understands.  Thus it is with that I
think everyone should read Living from the Mountaintop by Christian
Sorensen D.D. to gain that understanding. A simple delightful and easy read, this book will surely
fill you to the brim. Go with the feeling you experience as you read Living from the Mountaintop and it will place you on a mystical journey like none other.

~Lloyd George Tupper, D.D.


Living From the Mountaintop is just that!  It is as if you sat down and had a beautiful and soulful discussion with a master teacher.  Rev. Christian Sorensen, continues his soul's work of enlightening the planet and being a messenger of light.  He reminds us how beautiful each one of us is, if we just accept our own Divinity.  This is a must read for all on the path.

~James Van Praagh, Spiritual Medium, Author of Adventures of the Soul


Living from the Mountaintop is an excellently written and spiritually-involving experience that has inspired me to finish my latest screenplay. I found the chapter on shape-shifting to have been brilliantly conveyed. The whole book spoke to me deeply and its message moved me in a profound way.

~W.J. Campodonico, Screenwriter, Director


In Living from the Mountaintop, Reverend Sorensen speaks to the part of your mind that knows you're more than just skin and bones.  This is a provocative, encouraging, courageous book that will spark  ideas about the very essence of your nature.  Get ready for a great Ride! 

~Raymond Marvin, Science of Mind Foundation, President


A heart-opening, soul-searching, spirit-lifting book! 

~Shelly Anderson, Personal Assistant to Louise Hay


A book that will change lives, Sorensen’s Living From the Mountaintop invites its readers into that mystical place where love, joy, and prosperity await one’s observation to simply fall away from the minutia of everyday life and into infinite possibilities.

~Greg DeHart, Emmy winning film Producer/Director


Living From the Mountain Top has just become one of my favorite books, I can't put it down.   A lot of love and profound experiential insight went into these eloquently written stories -- filled with intuitive wisdom, inspiring originality, and long-lasting  application to answering the call of divine possibility.

~Jill Badonsky, Author/illustrator of The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder


Christian Sorensen is a role model of straightforward goodness and he has written a beautiful book about exactly that. In the direct, down-to-earth style that he is known and loved for, he reveals not only his personal path, but offers a way for us to find our own. Living from the Mountaintop is filled with the kind of encouragement that leaves a person feeling hopeful. 

~ Edward Viljoen, The Power of Meditation 



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